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Boat Dock Repair, Piling Repair, Piling Replacement & Upgraded Decking.

Dock Repair

Whether you are searching to replace your entire dock or just a few repairs, we are the Brevard County dock company for you! As a general contractor and marine construction specialist we can not only repair your dock we can repair pilings or replace pilings that may be vital to your safety.

Boat Dock Repair

A lot of boat docks have full shingle or metal roof covers for their boat and boat lift which sustain some of the most damage during hurricane season. Our crew is experienced in repairing and replacing boat lifts, electrical, lighting, trusses, shingles, pilings and more. No matter what damage your boat dock has, we can fix it!

Floating Dock | Concrete Dock Repair

Whether you have a floating jet ski dock or maybe concrete pilings that are in need of repair we can handle the lightest and heaviest of jobs. Concrete dock repair takes skill and experience to ensure the integrity of your concrete structure. Any water flow through cracks can cause structural failure and collapse. With our general contracting and marine construction experience our team can make sure you get the repairs you need to stay safe on your dock.

Some of our Dock Repair Services Include:

  • Dock Piling Repair
  • Straightening Dock Pilings
  • Concrete Dock Repair
  • Boat Dock Repair
  • Deck Replacements
  • Composite Railings
  • Vinyl Railings
    Aluminum Railings
  • Dock Removal
  • Storm Repair and Replacement
  • Dock Electricity Installation
  • Dock Water Hose Plumbing Installation
  • Fish Cutting Stations
  • Boat Lifts
  • Jet Ski Lifts
  • Kayak Davits
Request Information About Dock or Deck Repair

Coastal homeowners are always the hardest hit with hurricane damage and heavy storm damage but, their docks are the most vulnerable. Our dock repair services range from dock piling repair and straightening, dock removal, deck railing and stair repair, boat dock repair, dock material upgrades and so much more. You may be looking to add electricity to an existing dock or upgrade to composite railings or vinyl railings. How about a design and safety upgrade with a picket railing, mesh railing or rope accents? Our design team can make your vision a reality.