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Seawall Repair, Vinyl Seawall, Rip Rap Seawalls & More...

Seawall Erosion Repair, Rip Rap Seawall Construction & Vinyl Seawalls from Titusville to Merritt Island & Melbourne Florida.

Seawall Repair

Don’t let seawall erosion put your property at risk!

From concrete seawall repair, rip rap seawall repair or even vinyl seawall repair; Loyd Custom Marine can handle any type seawall you have. When it comes to fixing seawall erosion you have to consider future erosion as well. If you have continuous repair issues with your seawall you may be interested in something like vinyl seawall construction.

Vinyl Seawall

Vinyl seawalls last a lifetime!

If you are searching rip rap vs vinyl seawalls let us save you the reading. Rip rap is a rock like seawall using old concrete pieces or even Coquina. If you are interested in keeping a very natural look a rip rap seawall might be the fit for you. However if you are looking for a more durable and less maintenance seawall option, you may want to consider a vinyl seawall. Let us give you a free quote on one today!

Rip Rap Seawalls

Naturally beautiful seawalls.

Are you trying to repurpose broken up concrete as your new seawall? Or maybe you are interested in Coquina as a rip rap option. We have the tools and resources to help with a rip rap seawall design to fit your unique property and taste! Whether you need rip rap repairs or looking to install an entire new rip rap retaining wall, we can handle any project size you have in mind. Email us from the form on this page for a free quote!

Seawall Repair & Seawall Installation

  • Seawall Repair
  • Concrete Seawall Repair
  • Vinyl Seawall
  • Seawall Erosion Repair
  • Rip Rap Seawall
  • Rip Rap Repair
  • Coquina Seawall
  • Retaining Walls
  • Revetment Walls
  • Vinyl Bulkhead
  • Concrete Bulkhead
  • Rock Revetment
Request Information About Seawall Repair

If you are having issues with erosion on your coastal property or experiencing erosion to an existing seawall, Loyd Custom Marine has the crew and materials to quickly fix the ongoing issue. Each day as the tides rise and fall erosion continues to take place eventually damaging your property and endangering your home. Our crew can determine the best solution for your specific shoreline and can build concrete seawalls, vinyl seawalls, and bulkhead seawalls or offer rip rack rock walls, revetment walls and more. Each coastal property is unique to the shoreline of the property and require a custom design by an experienced company. That is where we can help.